Show Your Pride Wearing Customized Alumni T-Shirts

Alumni t-shirts are one of the best ways to show your pride.  They can be a reminder to your friends for a fraternity, sorority, university, college or school.  They can signify your pride in belonging to a special group.   You can wear them on the street or at special days such as a social gathering, a sports day, a music camp, etc.  They can assist you in fund raising as a great design with enable you to see them easily.  Customized apparel is a great way to unite people with whatever message you choose to display.  You can clearly show your message and your pride to everyone with customized alumni t-shirts.

A great clothing firm will take your design and replicate onto whatever clothing articles you choose.  Your design might be a school logo.  You can use it as is or create a snappy slogan.  Nowadays a scanned design or a photo can be printed onto your garment making it a unique design.  An excellent printer will be able to enhance a below quality slogan or photograph.  There are various formats which can be modified to suit your needs.  After reviewing their product samples and not finding the right product, you may choose to discuss your needs with them to find a solution.

Good printers have creative customer service staff.  They will look at your design and make minor adjustments as needed.  As well, their years of experience and training will be used to give you suggestions to modify your design, to enhance it or to save costs.  With larger production runs, the printer may produce a sample for you to approve, before it goes into production.

You are not required to be knowledgeable about creating a design for your garment.  Printers now have the design software on their websites, as well as types and colours of garments.  There is a wide range of choice.  There are different ways to transfer your image onto fabric.  Once the printer has been told your needs, then they can recommend what method suits your needs best.  For volumes of twelve pieces and up, screen printing is one of the best methods to use.  With an extensive proven history of inks and fabrics, screen printing is a versatile method of printing.  However it is not the only method.  The advantages, disadvantages and costs of printing your design onto a garment can be price quoted and discussed.

There is a huge selection of garments to choose from.  The garments are manufactured in all kinds of fabric materials, in various fashion styles, a broad spectrum of colours and in many sizes.  Some printers, such as may offer a rush service for delivery within a tight schedule.  This rush printing service normally has a fee charged for it.  Typically custom printed alumni t-shirts would be printed and shipped within a week of the printer receiving the blank garment.  Larger order sizes might require four or more weeks of notice to be produced.  You also need to plan on shipping times from the printer shipping to your location.  These are some things to consider if you are planning an event for a specific date.

You have a broad selection of materials to choose from such as light cotton, heavy cotton, polyester, cotton and polyester blends, or even tri-blends with the addition of rayon, etc.  There are also different weaves creating jersey styles, or ribs.  Garments can have regular long sleeves, short sleeves, or be cut with no sleeves, as a tank top.  There are a variety of neck styles too, from crew necks, round necks, v-necks, scoop necks and even u-shaped.  The style of shirt may include a collar, or have a chest pocket.

There are different methods used in the industry to charge for custom apparel.  Some printers may charge a screen charge or a set-up charge.  These are used to cover the cost of creating a screen for every colour.  Other printers may charge an all inclusive price per piece, which will differ, based on quantity.  However once the original order is replicated, then these types of set-up charges are typically waived.

There is a different process used for embroidery, compared to screen printing.  The design, whether it is a logo or text must be converted into a DST file.  This is called “digitizing”.  With this DST file, the embroidery machine can reproduce the design.   A custom design is charged this set-up fee once, to create the machine readable file.  Repeat orders are not charged this fee.  Like screen printing, a printer will be quote you a fee before the work begins.  You can have an enjoyable fun time designing alumni t-shirts.