The City of Vaughan has amongst the fastest growing communities in Canada, with a population growth nearing 6.2% – faster than Ontario and the country as a whole. But residents of Vaughan have much more than Vaughan Mills and Canada’s Wonderland to be proud of!

With so much happening in and around Vaughan, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to start showcasing your fair city to everyone you meet. At ThatShirt, that’s exactly the kind of opportunities we offer.

Go online to our design lab and start customizing your “Vaughan Is The Best!” tshirts, hoodies and sweats, and wear them all across town – or even beyond.

Create amazing artwork of your own, and upload it in minutes, and we’ll print them on any selection of brand name garments we have in stock for you. Wear them for Charity Walks, Fund Raisers or other local, municipal and national events to show your pride and joy in Vaughan.

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