Custom T-Shirts and Hoodies in Regina

The city of Regina has much more to offer to its residents and visitors, than the amazing 350,000+ hand-planted bushes and trees across this gorgeous oasis. With so many bike pathways, parks and recreational and sporting facilities, Regina residents always have something on the go!

So what better way to show your love and support for picturesque Regina, than with a personalized T-shirt, Hoodie, Hat, Cap or Sweatshirt, boldly proclaiming “I Love Regina!”?

ThatShirt’s online customization lab makes that possible!

All you have to do is select from hundreds of designer and name brand products we have online, and then head to our design lab. You can personalize your garments with readily-available clip art, or design and upload your own artwork.

You can add messages in support of Charity events, Sporting tournaments or Corporate and Community fund raisers; and we’ll have them printed for you. Your orders will be shipped anywhere in Regina for FREE, within 14 days.

So go ahead and give our knowledgeable customer support associates a call and start personalizing your tees and sweats now!