Custom Hoodies Screen Printing Dozens Of Choices

Custom Hoodies Screen Printing Dozens Of Choices

The hooded sweatshirt is a practical way to cover yourself up, making it very enjoyable.  The addition of the hood at the back of the neck helps to keep you warm on windy days, whether it is fall, winter, or spring.  There are 3 main varieties of hoodies: a pullover, a 1/4 zipper, or a full zipper.  The pullover and the 1/4 zip have a “kangaroo” pocket which goes right across the belly.  The full zipper hoodie has the standard vertical slash pockets you find on a jacket.    The hoodie is a perfect garment for custom screen printing on the front, the left chest, or the back.

A great way for individuals to show their self expression is by wearing clothing with grahics on it.  Screen printing a graphic or text provides a great looking garment.  The customer may wish to create their own custom design.  A good screen printing business has the design software online.  If there is an existing design then it can be uploaded to the design studio and used to put the design on custom hoodies or custom tshirts or any other garment.  Many companies can use this capability to design and create promotional tshirts, or custom hoodies for their staff.  Organizations can do the same and create promotional tshirts, custom hoodies or other custom clothing.

Good screen printing companies have a quote submission form to be filled out and submitted online or a toll free number to call.  A great screen printing company has an online quoting ability.  Online quoting enables the customer to change the quantity of garments, the number of colours used, or the type of the garment to see how the price changes.  If the customer has questions then there should be a Q&A section on the website, or a chat capability or a phone number to contact.  Once the customer finalizes their order, then the screen printing company emails an invoice for payment.  A great screen printing company has full e-commerce set up, to create the invoice and to process the payment online.

As part of the investigation by the customer, they should learn about the cancellation policy of the screen printer.  A non-rush order may be cancelled after 1 or 2 days of being placed.  A rush order may or may not be cancelled and it may include a penalty fee.  Different companies have their own guidelines so it is important for the customer to learn about the cancellation policy before submitting any order.

Hoodies come in a few different styles, with or without zippers and a variety of colours.  There are many reasons why customers want to custom design their hoodies, such as adding a sports organization name, a sports team name, a sports logo, a company logo, an organization’s logo, etc.  A customer may choose to create a custom design.  Good online design software has clipart in the software and the software tools to modify the image.  There should also be a huge selection of predesign templatesDesign Ideas for shirts, broken down into categories.  These design templates can also be edited.  The customer can create their first design attempt, save it online, then make another design, save it online, and repeat as required.  With this capability the customer can work efficiently and learn the capabilities of the software and see multiple design they have made in order to choose the best one.

Once the customer has created their design, then it can be placed on the full front, or the left chest or the back of the hoodie, on the hood, or on the sleeve.  Whichever location, their design creates a unique look.  The hoodie may or may not have a zipper and this has to be considered when placing the design on the full front of the hoodie.  Typically a full front design would not be placed on a zippered hoodie, as the zipper interferes with the printing of the design.  Instead a quarter zip hoodie or a pullover hoodie would be selected if a full width custom design was being printed on the front.

Screen printing to create custom hoodies provides the customer with a wide range of possibilities and looks.  One of the best things a customer can do is look at a huge selection of designs and types of hoodies.  This time spent learning will provide the inspiration and the printing knowledge to help guide them in creating a custom hoodie.  There are so many options for creating a custom design and where to screen print the design elements on the custom hoodie.  The customer may have difficulty choosing which beautiful design to choose !