Build Brand Recall With Company Golf Shirts

Build Brand Recall With Company Golf Shirts

Employees are the backbone of a business.  There are many ways you can maximize their productivity and keep them happy.  As time has gone on, more companies have relaxed their dress code.  Yet you don’t want to allow employees to wear whatever garments they want.  One method to keep a professional business image is using company golf shirts.  They can be worn by both males and females.

A company logo, with or without text, on apparel is a great way of marketing and advertising.  Not only are the shirts seen in the business but they are also seen outside of the business as the employee moves about.  This is another way the business can market, as potential customers see the business name.  A potential client sees the employee wearing the logo and it may trigger them to remember the goods or services that the business offers.  A company brand logo or name on the gold shift makes it easy to recall.  A good quality golf shirt with the company logo on it can be comfortable and even stylish at the same time.

Whenever one of the staff members wears the shirt, then they are a walking billboard, a walking advertisement for the company brand.  Wherever they go, the brand name goes with them, even outside the company premises.  To encourage staff members to wear the company branded shirt, the shirts must be made of an excellent fabric and be appealing.

Golf shirts, or polo shirts as they are sometimes called, can have the logo either screen printed or embroidered on the left chest.  Embroidery is no longer done with manual stitching as it was done in the old days.  Now embroidery is produced with technologically advanced embroidery machines.  These machines can easily replicate intricate and creative designs.

Factors that affect the pricing of company logo shirts are the quality of the material used in the garment, the size of the design (as measured in stitches) and the quantity ordered.  Usually the printer provides the garments and the finished printed or embroidered garment.  In rare situations, the client may provide the garment.  The design of the company logo is provided by the customer.  As the quantity of garments goes up, the price drops.  It is possible to arrange for a large bulk order, but them have it broken down into periodic multiple shipments.  There are various alternatives to be discussed to meet both the customer’s needs and budget with the requirements of the screen printer or embroiderer.

For the company logo on the golf shirt, it is best to consider the colour of the design with the colour of the shirt.  The objective is to get the logo noticed by people.  There are many shades of colours so it is best to include the Pantone colour number for each colour.  As well, you may want to measure the dimensions of the logo thereby providing a height and width.  When these steps are done there is less confusion and possibility of error.  A computer screen may display different colour tones than the true colour.  By choosing an exact pantone colour, you know the way the logo should look.  If there is a bulk order, then the customer would be wise to request a sample of the finished product.  By following this step, then the risk of a costly error is dramatically reduced.

Whether you choose screen printing or embroidery, the outcome is not always perfect and identical.  Mixing ink colours or choosing thread colours can produce minor differences in the finished product.  However good screen printing companiesCustom Sweatshirts ThatShirt or embroidery companies have a quality control system in place.  This will minimize the chances for error or dissatisfaction with the finish product.  There are many vendors with good reputations who will spend the time with the client to produce the perfect company golf shirt.

In this article, we used the phrase company golf shirt.  This does not have to be a “for profit” company as it can also be a “nonprofit” company.  It can also not be a company.  It may be any organization that has a logo to be placed on a golf shirt.