ATC Game Day Fleece Colour Block Hooded Sweatshirts

Check Out The ATC F2011 Game Day Fleece Colour Block Hooded Sweatshirts

So, you’re getting ready to custom design your own sweatshirts for your office, your sports team, your school, or even for a major fundraising project that you’re planning. Before you start trying to add in major design elements, however, you have to make sure that you’re starting with an excellent foundation. This is going to be a garment that looks good, feels good, and ultimately wears well. One of the absolute best choices for these purposes is the ATC F2011 Game Day Fleece Colour Block Hooded Sweatshirt. Following are several reasons why.

This shirts is made from 9.3-oz, 100% anti-static polyester and fleece. This makes it incredibly flexible, durable and warm. When people want a comfortable but lightweight jacket, this is definitely the product to invest in. It makes for excellent warm-up gear for athletes and for fitness enthusiasts. If you are looking for quality promotional products for your business, this is definitely a high-quality and affordable option to invest in. You won’t fail to impress your clients and your prospective clients with a garment like this one.

One thing that people love about this hooded sweatshirt is its color blocking style. It has an attractive contrast panel at the underarms. This 3-panel contrast turns what would otherwise be an all black unit into an incredibly stylish wardrobe addition. While black is the primary, basic color of this shirt, it is complemented by options like blue, orange, red, yellow, magenta, green or grey among others.

You will also find that this fabric is very breathable. This means that it has excellent ventilation and air flow. Thus, although it is ultimately designed to keep the user warm and comfy, people do not have to worry about becoming hot and sweaty while wearing it.

Beyond having good air flow, this hoodie additionally boasts built-in wicking properties. Moisture wicking capabilities are vital for active individuals and for those who are rash prone. After all, it is hardly good for the skin to have sweat and oils trapped against it. This innovative fiber has the ability to draw these substances away from the dermis so that people stay comfortable and dry, even if they are engaged in intense, physical activity.

There is a three-panel, contrast hood that’s double-lined along with a contrasting drawstring. This provides a totally coordinated look while also providing an additional layer of warmth. Given that there are so many layers in the hood for this hoodie, people can rest assured that their ears and necks will stay suitable warm. In fact, they can even leave their hats and scarves at home.

Products like this one are built for customization. As such, they have plenty of room for the addition of numbers and lettering as well as for graphic images. Keep in mind, however, that the nature of this product’s material requires special considerations to be taking during the printing process. Fortunately, it comes with size specifications and a helpful PDF file that will walk designers through these efforts.

With flat lock seams, it has a wonderful, smooth look and provides and excellent fit. Best of all, buyers do not have to worry about fading, shrinkage or other signs of wear and tear. This garment is going to retain its original, impressive look, no matter how often it is washed, dried or worn.